Denial, Catfighting, and really bad rhymes, drink up me lassies yo ho, yo ho!
Elizabeth, Girls Next Door[1]

Elizabeth Swann-Turner (née Swann) is a classmate of Christine and Sarah. She attends Saint Jude's and shares the same class with them. She is married to her childhood sweetheart Will Turner, and currently has a long distance relation with him due to his job.




Sarah WilliamsEdit

Sarah Williams is a classmate and friend of Elizabeth's. While they mostly disagree in their views about romance they are still abel to talk about their realtionships with eachother.

Christine DaaéEdit

Another one of Elizabeth's classmates. Elizabeth is somewhat closer to Christine and has more things in common with her, bonding over their ability to use their feminine charms to their advantage. She is able to relax more around her and doesn't seem to mind being shushed by her. She's been shown to gladly give relationships advice to her and open up about her own troubles with her marriage.

Jack SparrowEdit

Good riddance. It's not like he doesn't have at least four ex-girlfriends, Gibbs, or Hector to go drunkenly impose upon instead of us.
Elizabeth, Girls Next Door[2]
Jack is a former friend of Elizabeth's. While she has some degree of repect for him, she mostly sees him as an annoyance and would prefer it if he didn't stop by and bother her.


Will TurnerEdit

Just as I thought it was finally time for him to settle down with us, Jack has dragged him off into a 5th movie—
Elizabeth, Girls Next Door[3]
Will is Elizabeth's husband, whom she's loved since childhood. Currently on long distance, they have a bit of a strained relation due to his job as a psychopomp, which makes it hard for them to see each other and it leaves Elizabeth taking care of their child mostly on her own. To add to her irritation, Will has yet been unable to move in with them for good. Despite her that, she's still happy when he can find the time to come and visit.

James NorringtonEdit

James: E-Elizabeth!?
Elizabeth: James! ...Oh bugger.
Elizabeth's former fiance. While she never truly loved him romantically, she did care for him and his feelings. After she ended their engagement in favor of marrying Will, they became awkward around one another due to James' sacrifice and somewhat lasting affections. Despite this they can occationally get along well.

Family MembersEdit

Her ChildEdit

Her son with Will. While taking care of him causes her a lot of stress, she loves him greatly. She does occasionally need to get away from him for one night and leaves him in the care of her friends.



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