William Turner Jr., otherwise simply known as Will Turner, is the husband of Elizabeth Swann-Turner, whom he currently lives away from because of his job as a psychopomp. He does occationally stop by and visit her and their child.



Jack SparrowEdit

A friend of Will's. Though they were somewhat close in the past, their relationship became somewhat strained after Will became a psychopomp. Despite this, he managed to meet with Jack for the fifth movie.

Family MembersEdit

Elizabeth Swann-TurnerEdit

Will's wife. Having fallen in love with her in his childhood, Will would eventually grow up to marry her. Due to his job a however, he can't see her as much as he wants to. Though he has promised her to come live with her permamnently eventually, he hasn't yet been able to fulfill that promise.


Will's child by Elizabeth. While he loves him alot, he doesn't find alot of time to see him.


James NorringtonEdit

James and Will were briefly rivals for Elizabeth's affections. When Elizabeth revealed she had always loved Will, things became strained between the men. However while Will became morestly awkward around James, James was quick to voice his resentment for Will.